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  Yesterday, I went into Pollack Studios in South Euclid, Ohio to have some new pictures taken for this blog, my speaking website as well as new business cards. Wendy, "The Goddess of Networking" introduced me to him. The first thing I remember was the way Mr. Pollack shook my hand and how he looked me squarely in the eye with a kind smile on his face. Throughout the photo shoot, he asked me questions about my speaking business and genuinely seemed interested in me, taking time to stop what he was doing to listen and respond. He made me feel like the most important person in the world. By the time we were finished, I couldn't help but wanting to do business with Mr. Pollack because his likeability factor was very high. In fact, I liked him so much that I want you to know about him. If you're in need of new photos (whether digital or print), please stop by his website or contact him (216-381-2001 or drop him an email at JLPPHOTOG(at)aol.com). You won't regret it.

Could I have gone out and bought myself a digital camera and done it myself? Sure. Piece of cake. With the invention of digital cameras, the photography business has been permanently altered. Investing in a digital camera these days makes almost too easy to bypass a professional photographer's services. But Mr. Pollack has been able to stay in businessby differentiating himself throught the likeability factor.

-- From the blog of Stephan Hopson, Motivational Speaker-Author-First licensed deaf pilot

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